Month: February 2010

All the hearts of the people are my identity (Darwish &khalife)

Passport by Mahmoud Darwish

They did not recognize me in the shadows

That suck away my colour in this passport

And to them my wound was an exhibit

For a tourist who loves to collect photographs

They did not recognize me ,

Ah……..don’t leave

The palm of my hand without the Sun

Because the trees recognize me

Don’t leave me pale like the moon

All the birds that followed my palm

To the door of the distant airport

All the wheat fields

All the prisons

All the white tomb stones

All the barbed Boundaries

All the waving handkerchiefs

All the eyes

were with me ,

But they dropped them from my passport

Stripped of my name and identity ?

On soil I nourished with my own hands ?

Today Ayoub (Job) cried out

Filling the sky :

Don’t make and example of me again !

Oh, gentlemen , prophets ,

Don’t ask the trees for their names

Don’t ask the vallies who their mother is

From my forehead bursts the sward of light

And from my hand  springs the water of the river

All the hearts of the people are my identity

So take away my passport !!

جواز السفر لمحمود درويش

لم يعرفوني في الظلال التي

تمتص لوني في جواز السفر

و كان جرحي عندهم معرضاً

لسائحٍ يعشق جمع الصور

لم يعرفوني ، آه ..لا تتركي

كفي بلا شمس،

لأن الشجر


تعرفني كل أغاني المطر

لا تتركيني شاحباً كالقمر

كل العصافير التي لاحقت

كفي على باب المطار البعيد

كل حقول القمح ،

كل السجون،

كل القبور البيض،

كل الحدود

كل المناديل التي لوحت

كل العيون

كانت معي ، لكنهم

قد أسقطوها من جواز السفر !

عارٍ من الأسم ، من الإنتماء ؟

في تربة ربيتها باليدين ؟

أيوب صاح اليوم ملء السماء:

لا تجعلوني عبرةً مرتين

يا سادتي ، يا سادتي الأنبياء

لا تسألوا الأشجار عن أسمها

لا تسألوا الوديان عن أمها

من جبهتي ينشق سيف الضياء

و من يدي ينبع ماء النهر

كل قلوب الناس …جنسيتي

فلتسقطوا عني جواز السفر


Black rights Activist: Watch Out For IDF Stealing Organs In Haiti


Four months after the Israeli organ trade scandal   triggered by the Swedish Journalist Donald Bostrom , who Revealed the veil on the the illegal harvesting of organs from Palestinian victims by Israel , which started according to Bostrom in the early1960,  and markably  increased  during the first Palestinian intifada. 

Black rights activist T. West of AfriSynergy Productions warns that the Haitians organs may be targetted by the Israelis , who have admittedly stolen organs from dead Palestinians in the past.

Egyptian Professor forces students to recognize Israel

On  Thursday 18 th Feburary Helwan court(a Cairo southern outskirt ) will consider the lawsuit filled by prof.Magda Mohammed Ahmed Gomaa against her student Asmaa Ibrahim , the student at the faculty of Arts Helwan university.

According to daily Al-youm Al-sab3 , Gomaa the Geography professor at the faculty of arts , Helwan University , charged Ibrahim with ” Defamation and ” Questioning the professor’s information” .

Ibrahim said to Al-youm al sab3 : ” My classmates and I were surrprised  last year during Gomaa ‘s geography lectures in the departement of history , that ” the state of Israel ” was mentioned as part of the Arabic world ,in the context of our study of the distribution of energy, agricultural crops and food in the Arab world, as they wrote on the map Israel , not Palestine.

Ibrahim added : ” We discussed it with our professor , and showed our refusal to label Palestine as Israel ” but the professor insisted and threatened the students by failure.

Ibrahim ended saying : ” This is not my issue nor Helwan univeristy students issue , this is all the Egyptian students issue … and our battle against normalization must continue ” .

Syria arrests communist activist Raghda Al-hassan

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has learned that the Syrian apparatus (al-Mukhabarat al-’Askariyya)  has arrested Syrian activist and former political prisoner Raghda Hassan last Wednesday February 10  as she was heading  to Lebanon.

Later On the same day, forces raided Hassan’s family home in the northwestern city of Tartus and “confiscated her laptop and the manuscript of a book relating to her time in prison,” the group said.

Hassan, 37, is married to a Palestinian and a mother of two. She was imprisoned for two years from 1993 on charges of membership in the outlawed Communist Labour Party.

Around 2,500 party members, including 125 women, have been arrested by the authorities during the past few decades.

Butane shipments from Algeria not affected by soccer crisis

Crowds at a gas outlet in Cairo

butane shortage

According to “Al wafd” independent daily new paper , Tarek el-hadidi the representative of the ministry of Petroleum and mineral sources stressed infront of the Egyptian shoura industry committee ,that butane shipments from Algeria were not interrupted following last November dramatic world qualifying match between Egypt and Algeria in Khartoum. El-hadidi went on to imply that deficiency was in the butane being imported from Saudi Arabia.

How ever El-hadidi said that the real cause of the butane current shortage is the 70% percent increase in the local consumption of butane , stemming from illegal use in ” brick factories and chicken farms” .

Mean while the ministry of social solidarity issued recommendations for a new system for the distribution of butane gas cylinders, aimed at preventing their sale on black market.

The minster attributed the current  butane shortage to illegal  hoarding of butane gas cylinders in order to sell them on the black market at marked-up prices.

The new system would ensure that cylinders were not sold to factories for use as fuel, since the state subsidizes butane expressly for individuals holding ration cards and strictly for home use.

It worth saying that horders of People allover Egypt continued to line-up outside local distribution outlets in hopes of buying butane gas cylinder.