Month: March 2010

I will resist-سأقاوم

Sameeh Al-Qassem Poem

Singer: Julia Botrous

You might be able to rob me of my last bit of land
You might be able to feed my youth to the jail

You might be able to put out my torch in the night
You might be able to keep me from kissing my mother

You might be able to steal my dreams in the absence of their guard

You might be able to deprive my children of a suit on a holiday
Oh enemy of the sun!
But I will not compromise

And until my heart’s last beat, I will resist

I will resist

I will resist.

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قصيدة : سيمح القاسم

غناء : جوليا بطرس

ربما تسلبني آخر شبر من ترابي
ربما تطعم للسجن شبابي

ربما تطفيء في ليلي شعلة
ربما احرم من أمي قبلة

ربما تغنم من ناطور احلامي غفلة
ربما تحرم اطفالي يوم العيد بدلة
ربما ترفع من حولي جدارا وجدارا وجدارا ..
يا عدو الشمس
لكن لن اساوم

والى اخر نبض من عروقي ساقاوم
والى اخر نبض من عروقي ساقاوم

والى اخر نبض من عروقي ساقاوم

لتحميل الأغنية

Music for resistance  موسيقى مقاومة

و إذا سكت الزمان عن المظالم


ثم قاوم

ثم قاوم


Egypt : NTRA blocks Skype on mobile phones

The “Skype blocking”  rumors are now confirmed .

According to Al-Masry al-youm daily ,Egypt’s National Telecom Regulatory Authority has blocked access to Skype from mobile phones for its usage in commercial purposes.

NTRA head Amr Badawi said Law No. 10 of 2003 prohibits the use of Skype for commercial or personal purposes. He added that the authority will continue to allow access from ADSL home computers until further notice.Badawi pointed to the possibility of prohibiting the use of skype, at homes ( through DSL connections), but it depends on , some studies to be carried out in the future, especially that the use of the program in general violates Law No. 10 of 2003, and then it will be permitted on a limited scale.

According to Skype Ltd., there are 3.9 million Egyptians living outside Egypt who use the software application to communicate with their families at home.

Egypt’s three cellphone companies (Mobinil, Vodafone and Etisalat) have all enforced the NTRA resolution.

Mubark is alive and Kicking !!

The  Arabic blogging-sphere has been on fire on the past few days . Rumors that Egyptian President Mubark passed away during his surgery or surgeries in Germany, were spreading on twitter and many Arabic forums, after reports that Russian television ran a story saying the Egyptian president was dead.The rumors were so strong that the Egyptian stock market dropped by over 6 percent in the past three days amid concerns about the president’s health, especially since the question of succession in Egypt is still unclear , as Mubark doesn’t have a vice president and there is  no constitutional  means of democratic authority succession .

The  rumors were denied later on by the Egyptian embassy in Germany .

This morning the Egyptian Presidency released a photo of Mubark in Heidelberg hospital with his doctor .the fact that the 81-year-old Mubarak Public disappearance  since the surgery was fueling his death rumors.

صاحي و بيلعب

Will Egypt block skype ??!!

According to the Egyptian blogger Zeinobia . There is un-accurate news that Egypt will block skype .

In the past few days users has reported problems in logging  in to Skype through their Vodafone 3G stick modems.

Vodafone’s customer service indicated that Telecom Egypt is going to block Skype in Egypt, and that it’s out of their hands. After repeated calls from various people to Vodafone’s customer service, they were told “Skype is being blocked since 13th March based on an order from Telecom Egypt.”

It won’t be surprising to find out that Egypt will block Skype, because you don’t expect that much from a categorized Internet enemy state

It worth saying that Syria recently blocked  facebook, citing fears that young people might make Friends with Israelis (That was the official claim and the fact is Syria  has one of the toughest censorship policies and bloggers are persecuted and jailed there.

1000 day of siege

Gaza siege

Designed by : Mohammed Yousef ( @Jawazsafar)

On 9th of March 2010 , It was Gaza’s anniversary…

it’s not a joyful anniversary for a wedding or an engagement.

It’s Gaza’s  own anniversary of

Injustice and tyranny
10000 days=3 years
1 million , 600 thousand human beings blockaded
No mercy on the world !!
Let’s break the siege
Let’s break the silence