Month: January 2011

Dear Sheikhs & Popes : Can you shut the fuck up ?

Frankly … as an Egyptian , I wish I have the ability to deliver this message to Egypt pope : SHUT THE FUCK UP . Egypt’s pope  appeared last night on Egypt state TV , on which he announced :

We called the president, we told him we are on his side , so do all the people of Egypt . May God protect him for Egypt .

Similarly Sheikh Saeed Amin Ammer told the Shourok : I refuse to consider the peaceful protests and strikes as a halal (permitted) way of demonstrating .

He added :

There are  no protests in Islam !!

It is obvious that Al-Azhar  as well as the Christian Coptic church  are part of the regime .. which should be brought down by the fists of the courageous Egyptians .

Dear Sheikhs and Popes : You are siding with a cold-blood-killer , who killed hundreds in the past few days and tortured thousands during the past thirty years .. This is not about Islam or Christianity .. It is about your existence .. Your Power …. You have let us down for so long … You didn’t stand up for the people – your people -when they needed your help the most.

Al-Azhar is no longer my representative …. You are no longer our representatives … POWER TO PEOPLE


عايزينها دولة مدنية لا طائفية و لا حرامية



Egyptians can not withdraw their sense of humor , even when revolting . Kamal Khalel is a well know Egyptian leftist .. he is chanting : We want a civilian state not Sectarian not religious not thieves state , we want civilian state  ( it rhymes in Arabic ) . Islamists – who is used by the western propagandists to scare the shit out of people are chanting with him-

تحديثات جمعة الغضب Friday of Anger updates

27/1/2011 – 22:43

موجة غضب فى السلوم والأهالى يقطعون الطريق الدولى ويحاصرون قسم الشرطة Residents of Saloum block off International road,which connects the city with Libya , and surround the police station

27/1/2011 – 7 AM

Wikileaks : We will soon release numerous cables on Egypt.

و يكيليكس : سنقوم بنشر وثاق تخص مصر قريباً

27/12/2010  11 AM

Mobile Services are interrupted   انقطاع خدمات الهاتف المحمول

Down with the regime فلتسقط الحكومة

Ya Allah I haven’t updated my blog since last September…. well I think that’s a revolutionary re-start 😀  …  I read this article on the original Dostor about the Arabic rap songs , which deals with the political situation and  social conditions . hhh all the famous ,popular,well-known singers,artists…etc don’t collide with the ruling Arab regimes , singing about the daily sufferance is not on their schedules , especially they are all members of the singing choir.