Month: December 2009

‘There are Israeli, not Jewish people’

Professor Shlomo Sand , the author of ” The invention of the Jewish people ” ,which was released in Israel last year , and recently translated to English. The book discussing the myth of the one Jewish tribe , was savaged by critics, causing a  huge political storm & was the best selling book in Israel last March . The history professor in Tel-aviv university , self described as a post-Zionist argues that the majority of the recent Jews are not Semites and they came from a Khazar origin,  who migrated westward , playing a decisive role in the establishment of  Eastern European Jewry ,and since there are no connection between the majority of todays Jews and Semites , the justifications on which the “Jewish state ” was established  turn out to be illusory. Sand stresses :” the establishment of the Israeli state was the result of the Zionist occupation for Palestine , but the existence of Israel is a fact we have to accept “. Sand believe  that Israel must shed its Jewish identity ,to become a democracy ,” The same myth which created Israel can also  destroy it “.

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