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أحدث نظرية لقناة فوكس نيوز : حزب الله يخطط لمهاجمة أمريكا عبر الحدود مع المكسيك

أحدث نظريات قناة فوكس نيوز ( اليمينية المتطرفة ) : حزب الله بخطط لمهاجمة أمريكا عبر التسلل للحدود من المكسيك .. المقالة التي نشرها موقع تي في سكواد المتخصص في شئون الإعلام المتلفز

هي إختصار لجزء من حلقة كلين بيك ، التي بثت يوم الإثنين الفائت ..و التي تحدث فيها عن نظريته هذي

Glenn Beck spent a good chunk of Monday’s ‘The Glenn Beck Program‘ (Weekdays, 5 PM ET on Fox News) discussing his theory that Hezbollah is preparing to infiltrate America through the Mexican border and launch a series of car bomb attacks.

كلين بيك أمضي جزاءاً كبيراً من حلقة الإثنين من برنامجه (الذي يذاع يومياً في الساعة الخامسة ظهراً حسب التوقيت الشرقي على قناة فوكس نيوز) في مناقشة نظريته ، التي تفترض أن حزب الله يخطط للتسلل إلى الولايات المتحدة عن طريق الحدود مع المكسيك للقيام بسلسلة من عمليات تفجير السيارات

It’s a scary proposition, and one that seems to have some validity, at least in Beck’s mind. He cites unnamed reports that Hezbollah operatives have been active in Colombia and Venezuela for “quite some time.”

هذا الإفتراض مخيف ، خاصة و أنه – و على مايبدو- يتمتع ببعض الصحة ، على الأقل في عقل بيك ..فقد ساق بعض التقارير التي لم يسمها ، و التي تفيد بأن عناصر حزب الله ناشطون “منذ مدة ” في كولومبيا و فنزويلا

But Beck insinuated that multiple Hezbollah attacks on the U.S. through Mexico are inevitable — and declared you’d have to be crazy to think otherwise. Why would Beck make such a jump? Sharks, obviously.

بيك ألمح بأن قيام حزب الله بهجمات عدة على أمريكا عن طريق المكسيك لا مفر منه . و أوضح أنه من الجنون أن يعتقد خلاف ذلك . لكن ما الذي دفع بيك ليقفز إلى هذه الفرضية ؟ …أسماك القرش كما يبدو

“Do you know how sharks attack?” Beck asked rhetorically. “Sharks, they circle you, and they they bump into you — they bump you before they eat you.”

هل تعرفوا : كيف تهاجم أسماك القرش ؟ ، سأل بيك مخاطباً الجمهور : ” القرش يطوقكم و من ثم يرتطم بكم ..و من ثم يصرعكم قبل أن يلتهمكم ” . ي

“(The sharks) want to see what they are up against,” he continued. “The car bomb, it’s a shark bump, that’s what it is. They’re bumping us here on the border. Shark bumps, the whole time. They want to see our reaction.”

القرش يفضل أن يرى خصمه”ه أضاف بيرك : ” فتفجير سيارة كإرتطام القرش ..هكذا يدار الأمر, هم يهددونا عبر الحدود طوال الوقت ..هذه هي أفعال القروش . فهم يريدون مشاهدة رد فعلنا ” و “

Ah ha! Beck was sitting on a cool shark analogy the whole time! Clearly, he could only use it if America was facing a dire threat of car bombs from Hezbollah. Now we really can’t blame him for forcing it like he did.

حسناً ، و على ما يبدو فإن بيك و طوال الوقت كان مصراً على مقياسه الأحمق لحركة القروش . و من الواضح أنه سيستخدمه حصراً إذا ما كانت الولايات المتحدة تواجهه خطر السيارا ت الملغومة من قبل حزب الله . حقاً ..لا يمكننا لومه على تطويعه للنظرية كما فعل .

#LOL : Americans identify #Obama as #Muslim

hhhhhh I think an immediate phone call to my US citizen uncle , will answer all the questions  . Since the papers published the results of the latest OBAMATIC polls 😀 , a question keeps reciting in my mind : Do the US fellows eat Koshari in the mornings , Have Betengan as a dinner  , onions as a dessert & Spiritual liquors instead of the daily coffee/tea !!.  It seems like they surveyed , in the memento they were about to get high.

1 of each 5 Americans believe Barack Obama is a Muslim .

Seriously , I feel sympathy towards my American ( Brothers and sisters in humanity ) … I think you should feel sympathy towards the masses brain-washed by manipulating TV channels like : FOX News . Best wishes to  both Americans brain-washed by right-wing main stream media & Muslims suffering from al-Qaeda ‘s ideology . Frankly I see no difference . well there is one apparent difference ;the Fox news presenters/reports wear expensive suits & amazing ties , on the other side The Qaedaists wear those Jalbyahs & Turbans. but both speeches , interviews & Point of  views  smell RACISM , DENIAL & IGNORANCE .

It’s not likely to see a Muslim at the western wall ( Al-Buraq wall surrounding Al-Aqsa) , wearing a Kippah & praying 😀 .

plus , Muslims don’t have preists , more over they  don’t  attend  Sunday church!!.

I can totally understand the  pressure established on  an ordinary American  ( like  any other living creature on this crazy planet) . and  I am aware of the impact of Media on people & It’s strong influence on the masses .

I think Karl Marx was mistaken , when he said :

Religion is the opium of the masses.

It should have been : ” Main stream media is the opium of the masses”.

I am totally aware the Muslims are the Jews & the black of this era . They are demonized . Weaving legends of some Islamic conspiracy to rule the world, is all over the media & the internet . all that burning discussion about ” How evil Islam is ? , How evil Muslims are ..etc” will blow any rational person mind .

The comforting fact for both Bush & Obama lovers is the following :

Obama is Bush & vice versa … It’s all matter of Skin colors .

so don’t worry Obama will take the same stairway , built by Predecessor  towards an US powerful empire on the corpses of his so-called “MUSLIM BROTHERS” . Obama’s forces will stick to the road map of killing more innocent civilians & demolishing more houses in Iraq & Afghanistan . similarly Obama will afford total support & US funds ( US citizens paying taxes to support democracy and enlight the world) to all dictator regimes across the Arab world , Africa , Asia & South America…etc .. otherwise the American empire won’t be established & the Imperialistic dreams won’t come true .

I wish , i was a skillful interpreter to translate the Arabic poem , written by an Iraqi poet .

My 20th birthday عيد ميلادي العشرين

اليوم أتممت عامي العشرين … ثمة أمل و خوف و رجاء يغمرني من أخمص قدمي ، إلى أعماق روحي …. عامي الفائت لم يكن الأجمل و لكنه لم يخلو من جديد جيد 🙂 …فقد كان فيه المرض و الإنكسار و نوبات الإكتئاب المتاتلية و المزاجية الكريهة و المرض …لكنه كان عاماَ للنضج ..و لعلها للمرة الأولى في حياتي أتفهم ماهية الأنوثة . فثمة معاني لا يتعرف عليها المرء إلا حين يبتعد كثيراً و ينظر للصورة الكلية … أو كما قال الصوفية قديماً : ” أبتعـــــــد لتقـــــــترب ” …. لست أدري كم علي أن أبتعد ؟؟؟ و لكنني واثقة أنني بدأت في إقتراب

Exactly that same day , 2o years ago ,I was born to that world  . I can’t really describe my last year, It was full of times of sorrow … It was full of signs of maturity .

I haven’t reach my destination so far . There are many dreams to come true … There are many stories to be told . Despite  the illness , I was given a spiritual glimpse .  The Sufis say : ” Get away to , get closer ” . I admit it , I love straying from the sidewalk . Standing in the middle of the road is risky , but light is always paved out of the darkness.

ao let me share some of my 20th birthday wishes :

1- Getting A+ s  in college .

2- Participating in one of Gaza breaking-siege convoys .

3-Visiting Jerusalem (Al-Quods) & Bethlehem ( I don’t want to get my passport stamped by the Israeli occupation authorities :)) )

4- Get a part-time Job.

5- Buying a small apartment :)) H3H3H3 small apartment literally means studio 🙂

I’ll keep my 6th to 100th wishes as a secret .. I think that’s enough for today 🙂

Wishes come true 🙂 Reality was once a straying wish .

Poll: Arabs support Iran’s alleged Nuclear weapon

Brookings latest poll of 2010 Arab Public Opinion , conducted during the period of June 29 – July 20 , 2010 , Results were the Following :

  • 77% of the Arabs support the right of Iran to possess Nuclear weapons.
  • Egyptians are the largest supporters of Iran,97% of them support the right of Iran to possess Nuclear weapon.
  • 62%of the Arabs have a negative view of Obama, compared with 23 % year ago.
  • 54 %of those surveyed said they do not believe a lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians will ever happen – the percentage has basically unchanged since 2008- .

2010 poll surveyed 3,976 people in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Jordan, Lebanon, and the United Arab Emirates, during the period of June 29–July 20, 2010.

Dear Arab lying regimes : Shut the fuck-up , Iran is not an enemy of the Arabs . Iran is a neighbor who we can agree or disagree with it’s policies … Israel is the threat to our existence . Thanks God the Arab citizens ( Especially the Egyptians ) no longer believe in the mainstream ( Pro-dictator regimes ) Propagandists .

Arab's opinion of Iran 2010Arab's opinion of USA 2010

مِصري My Egypt

على أسم مصر التاريخ يقدر يقول ما شاء

أنا مصر عندي أحب و أجمل الأشياء

بحبها و هي مالكة الدنيا شرق و غرب

و بحبها و هي مرمية جريحة حرب

بحبها بعنف و برقة و على استحياء

و أكرها و ألعن أبوها بعشق زي الداء

و أسيبها و أطفش في درب و تبقى هي في درب

و تتلفت تلاقيني جنبها في الكرب

و النبض ينفض عروقي بألف نغمة و ضرب

على أسم مصر

صلاح جاهين

Cairo under siege

Egyptian POW s 1967 ( Egyptian captives ) Egypt's flag

لا أحبك لأنكي الأجمل

و لا الأعرق

و لا الأطيب ..و لا الأصح

أحبك لأن أنتِ هو أنتِ

بكل ما هو جميل

و بكل ما هو مؤلم

و بكل ما هو مهين

أحبك بطريقة مختلفة

فللناس مذاهب شتى في العشق

و عشقي لا ييحيد بنظري عن مواطن الهوان

بحبك يا مصر

In solidarity with Lebanon’s Future pipe workers

Moh’d Yousef (JawazSafar) Sent me this on twitter :



Akkar, North Lebanon: FuturePipe Workers, fighting for their right to work

Open Sit-In

Since the 12th of July 2010, workers of the FuturePipe Factory in North Lebanon have been holding an open sit-in protesting against the closure of the factory. The management of the factory had stated that the reason behind closure is due to significant losses.

Yet the workers clearly indicate that the factory is not making any losses. It is actually generating substantial profit. Only about a month ago, the owners of the factory bought new equipment at a cost of more than a million US dollars. They also opened branches in different Arab countries.

Due to all these reasons the factory workers have decided to hold a sit-in at the gates of the factory stopping the bosses from taking out the produced materials, thus blocking the delivery of these products.

120 workers are alternating between 3 daily shifts in the Sit-In. In response, the factory management recruited 100 daily workers as security guards to protect the factory from the protesting workers. This shows that the factory management is lying about its inability to keep the factory open.

The products currently present in the factory is estimated to have the value of tens of millions of US dollars. Today, after 23 days of the sit-in, not one product has been taken out of the factory.

Conditions of the workers in the factory

The factory, located in North Lebanon, opened 20 years ago. It is owned by the Makhzoumi Family, one of the richest families in Lebanon and the founders of the National Dialogue Party. The factory workers’ union leadership says that some have worked in the factory for about 20 years, others for less. They had been working for 12 hours a day without any vacations until 2009 where vacation days were reinstated.

The factory management forced the workers to become members in the political party headed by the owner’s father. Those who choose not to become members, were not allowed bonuses, compensations, or were sacked from work. When the factory owner’s grandfather died, the workers were forced to attend the funeral.

The workers’ union leadership contacted the Lebanese Ministry of Labor and had two meetings with one of the its mediators. The Ministry sided with the bosses and no resolution was reached.

The union leadership has decided to hold a press conference on Wednesday 4th of August 2010 at the General Labor Union’s office in Beirut to explain their situation. A solidarity meeting has also been called by the leftist political parties, to take place at the same time and the same location.

The workers are still sustaining the sit-In and one of their main slogans is: “the passing through of our souls is easier that the passing through of the products” showing their resilience against the bosses and in fighting for their right to work.

Several trade-unions in lebanon have released solidarity and support statements. Solidarity visits are being organized to the sit-in. But that is not enough. In Lebanon, the economic struggle is entrenched with political struggle. The workers face a media blackout (since Makhzoumi funds several TVs and newspapers). There is also pressure from establishment political figures to end the protest.

That is why it is very important that trade-unions and political parties and groups outside Lebanon, especially in countries where the FuturePipe company has offices or factories, to send solidarity statements and letters to the company demanding the re-institution of workers and the re-opening of the factory.

The list of branches and contacts for the Future Pipe company around the world is listed below, moreover it is worth mentioning that the company has manufacturing locations in the following countries: UAE, Qatar, Egypt, Oman, KSA, USA and the Netherlands, so if anyone would know of a way to contact the trade union for any of these manufacturing locations, we would highly appreciate it, as we are trying to gather the widest circle of solidarity for the Sit-In.

———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——–
Please send your solidarity letters to: futurepipeworkers@

To send letters to the company offices to demand the re-institution of workers please use the following contacts, based on the country of your residence, and please cc the above email when you do so:

Future Pipe Limited
11, Hobart Place
Tel: +44 (0)20 7838 8660
Fax: +44 (0)20 7838 8661
Email: sales-uk@futurepipe .com

Future Pipe Industries
Via Senigallia 18/2 Tower A
20161 – Milan, ITALY
Tel.: +39 02 6467 2546
Fax: +39 02 6467 2400
Mobile: +39 348 6060 312
Email: s.storaci@futurepip

Future Pipe Sarl
Tour de l´Horloge
4, Place Louis Armand
75603 Paris Cedex12- France
Phone +33 (0) 1 72 76 25 15
Fax +33 (0) 1 72 76 26 25
Email: sales-france@ futurepipe. com

Future Pipe (S.L.)
Edificio Lexington
c/ Orense, 85 28020,
Madrid, Spain
Tel: +34 (91) 567 8463
Fax: +34 (91) 567 8464
Email: sales-spain@ futurepipe. com

Future Pipe Trading Limited
Office No. 4406-44th Floor,
CRC Tower,
All Seasons Place,
87 Wireless Road
Bangkok 10330, Thailand
Tel: +66 (2) 685 3288
Fax: +66 (2) 685 3244
Email: sales-thailand@ futurepipe. com

Future Pipe Industries
No.30 Woodlands Loop # 02-01
Nobel Design Building
Singapore 738319
Tel: +65 (67) 57 5312
Fax: +65 (67) 57 5317
Email: sales-singapore@ futurepipe. com

Future Pipe Industries
Building 72-F/1, 3rd Floor
9th Jami Commercial Street
Phase VII, DHA. Karachi
Tel: + 9221 35394772
Fax: + 9221 35394771
Email: sales-pakistan@ futurepipe. com

Future Plastrex
Middle Ren Min Road
MoreSky Suite 804/123 Wuxi
Email: sales-china@ futurepipe. com

Future Pipe Industries
C/O You-Jin Commercial Co. Ltd.
3rd Floor, Room No. 304, Wonhyo Bldg.
1365-22, Seocho-Dong, Seocho-Ku
Seoul, Korea
Tel: +82 (2) 34869300
Fax: +82 (2) 34864700
Email: sales-korea@ futurepipe. com

Goztepe Mah. Goksu Evleri Sakayik
CAD No. 6-B70A
Beykoz – Istanbul
Zip Code: 34829
Tel: +90 (216) 6680870
Fax: +90 (216) 6680873
Email: sales-turkey@ futurepipe. com

Future Pipe Industries (FPI)
C/O TCB Avgidis Automation S.A
108 Kasomouli Str.
11744 Neos Kosmos
Athens, Greece
Tel: +30 (210) 9480260
Fax: +30 (210) 9406200
Email: sales-greece@ futurepipe. com

The Netherlands
Future Pipe Industries b.v.
J.C. Kellerlaan 3,
P.O. Box 255
7770 AG Hardenberg,
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (523) 280 500
Fax: +31 (523) 280 700
Email: netherlands@ futurepipe. com

Future Pipe Industries (S.A.E.)
Othman Towers,
Othman Ahmad Othman Street,
Corniche al-Ma’adi (behind Nile Mall)
Cairo, Egypt
Tel: +20 (2) 2528 5880
Fax: +20 (2) 2528 5890
Email : sales-egypt@ futurepipe. com

Future Pipe Industries (L.L.C.)
P.O. Box 213PC,
124 Rusayl
Sultanate of Oman
Tel: +968 (24) 449 164
Fax: +968 (24) 446 217
Email: sales-oman@futurepi

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Future Pipe Industries (L.L.C.)
P.O. Box 8513
Al-Khobar 31492
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel: +966 (3) 812 3454
Fax: +966 (3) 812 3453
Email: sales-saudiarabia@ futurepipe. com

Future Pipe Industries (L.L.C.)
Fahda Commercial Center
P.O. Box 3820
Riyadh 11481
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel: +966 (1) 293 0004
Fax: +966 (1) 293 5230
Email: sales-saudiarabia@ futurepipe. com

Future Pipe Industries
Al Abrar Commercial centre, 4th floor
Fahed Al Salem Street, Kuwait City.
Tel.: + 965 22419229 Ext.(16)
Fax: + 965 22437306
Email: sales-kuwait@ futurepipe. com

Future Pipe Industries, Inc.
11905 Proctor Road, Houston,
Texas 77038
United States of America
Tel: +1 (281) 847 2987
Fax: +1 (281) 847 4216
Email: sales-spoolable@ futurepipe. com
sales-houston@ futurepipe. com

Future Pipe Industries, Inc.
Connecticut Ave, NW
Suite 600
Washington DC 20006
United States of America
Tel: +1 (202) 429 3744
Fax: +1 (202) 429 3745
Web: http://www.futurepipe. com/usa/

Yahoo domain hacked in Arab countries

I tried to log to from my PC , but it was invaild

As published early today on . Yahoo domain is hacked in number of Arab countries .

It seems that is under DNS hijack, at least here in Qatar ,Jordan , Morocco & Saudi Arabia.

Moh’d yousef (JawazSafar) told me that :

yahoo mobile is working fine, yahoo web is crashed.

Sources told the Arab tech blog Teedoz that the hacker is from Saudi Arabia. Yahoo domain remains safe.

Updates as published on Arab Crush blog :

Update1: works in Jordan where the writer of this post lives. One other user confirmed that is hacked in Jordan

Update 2: Users in Morocco and Bahrain told AC that they have the same problem.

Update 3: Egypt too as the comment below.

Update 4: Qatar joins the list, Algeria working fine as user report.

Update 5: Kuwait and UAE joins the list.

Update 6: Syria and Lebanon joins the list


Yahoo mobile works well , and other Yahoo application work properly .

Police torture a student in Cairo الشرطة تعذب طالب بالقاهرة

وفقاً لما نشره المدون محمد مرعي … فإن مسلسل تعذيب المواطنين المصريين على يد الشرطة المصرية لا يزال مستمراً و آخر ضحياه هو عبد الرحمن أشرف جابر ، الطالب بمعهد السينما و مخرج الأفلام الوثائقية

التفاصيل كما كتبها مرعي

As Published by Mahalla based blogger Mohammed Maree , a new episode in the Police continuous torture series.

The most recent victim is Abd al-Rahman Ashraf Jaber, a student in the Institute of Cinema and a documentary film director.

حادث تعذيب جديد a new eposide in the "Police torture" series

He was beaten and had his hair pulled out of his head, as well as being insulted with the type of dirty words usually used by the officers of the Egyptian police when dealing with citizens.

While Ashraf was standing with his american friend Brandy at the top of al-Mokattam mountain looking out at Cairo, they were surprised by a police officer named Ahmed Moustafa, who asked Ashraf to show his identification using curses and insults. Ashraf refused these insults and manner of dealing with him, as a citizen has rights which should be respected.

The police officer became mad at Abd al-Rahman’s response, enraged that a citizen would speak to him in this unusually direct way. In response he kicked Ashraf and beat him, causing bruises on his face and eye, breaking his nose and pulling his hair violently from his head hair.

Maree adds :

After that officer Ahmed Moustafa took them (Ashraf and Brandy) to the al-Mokattam police station where he was surpried to find out that Brandy is a US citizen with an American passaport. The situation pushed him to call the chief of the police office who came immediately at 5 o’clock on the morning of the Monday 26/7/2010 trying to solve the proplem before Brandy called the USA Embassy in Cairo. He offered Abd al-Rahman to release him from the police station in exchange for silencing his story, but Abd al-Rahman refused this offer and insisted on filling a report.

After some time, Ashraf’s family headed to the police station and the sheriff tried also to persuade them not to file a report on the incident with a promise to punish the officer who committed these abuses, but the family also rejected this offer and insisted to file a report of the incident.