Butane shipments from Algeria not affected by soccer crisis

Crowds at a gas outlet in Cairo

butane shortage

According to “Al wafd” independent daily new paper , Tarek el-hadidi the representative of the ministry of Petroleum and mineral sources stressed infront of the Egyptian shoura industry committee ,that butane shipments from Algeria were not interrupted following last November dramatic world qualifying match between Egypt and Algeria in Khartoum. El-hadidi went on to imply that deficiency was in the butane being imported from Saudi Arabia.

How ever El-hadidi said that the real cause of the butane current shortage is the 70% percent increase in the local consumption of butane , stemming from illegal use in ” brick factories and chicken farms” .

Mean while the ministry of social solidarity issued recommendations for a new system for the distribution of butane gas cylinders, aimed at preventing their sale on black market.

The minster attributed the current  butane shortage to illegal  hoarding of butane gas cylinders in order to sell them on the black market at marked-up prices.

The new system would ensure that cylinders were not sold to factories for use as fuel, since the state subsidizes butane expressly for individuals holding ration cards and strictly for home use.

It worth saying that horders of People allover Egypt continued to line-up outside local distribution outlets in hopes of buying butane gas cylinder.



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