Egyptian Professor forces students to recognize Israel

On  Thursday 18 th Feburary Helwan court(a Cairo southern outskirt ) will consider the lawsuit filled by prof.Magda Mohammed Ahmed Gomaa against her student Asmaa Ibrahim , the student at the faculty of Arts Helwan university.

According to daily Al-youm Al-sab3 , Gomaa the Geography professor at the faculty of arts , Helwan University , charged Ibrahim with ” Defamation and ” Questioning the professor’s information” .

Ibrahim said to Al-youm al sab3 : ” My classmates and I were surrprised  last year during Gomaa ‘s geography lectures in the departement of history , that ” the state of Israel ” was mentioned as part of the Arabic world ,in the context of our study of the distribution of energy, agricultural crops and food in the Arab world, as they wrote on the map Israel , not Palestine.

Ibrahim added : ” We discussed it with our professor , and showed our refusal to label Palestine as Israel ” but the professor insisted and threatened the students by failure.

Ibrahim ended saying : ” This is not my issue nor Helwan univeristy students issue , this is all the Egyptian students issue … and our battle against normalization must continue ” .



  1. such book represents policy of ruling regime in Egypt, used Dr. Magda as a cheap tool to puplish such humilated book.I re-assure statement of brave Asmaa Ibrahim As: This is not my issue nor Helwan univeristy students issue , this is all the Egyptian students & patriots issue … we will continue our struggle till uprooting the zionist state

    1. I respected her even more when she said that this is not a Helwan university issue …There is no recognition of Israel or normalization in Helwan university …but the whole case was a scandal from beginning till the end
      a proff trying 2 force her students and threats them !!! this is a real drama , we r living in there

  2. Of course the professor is right. Israel is a UN member state, so talking about anything else distorts the facts. The students may not like to call Israel Israel, but if they are in a university they are expected to respect plain facts, and the professor is right to tell them what is correct in terms of international politics. I am Irish, and I would like Northern Ireland to be part of the Republic. But it is not. It is part of the UK, and I have no right to give it a different label. I would like to see a time when the Arabs, instead of hurling insults at Israel could learn to match that country in terms of education, economics, engineering, agriculture, and everything else. Take Israel as a model instead of any other failed Middle East. Arabs were glorious in the past, but they aren’t now, and they will never be again so long as they continue this futile struggle against a proud, vital, and successful national.

    1. just you don’t have a good imagination and free mind to call your land a ( Republic ) while there are thousands – maybe some you know in person – lost their lives for the name/the land, and that doesn’t give you any right to teach others how to liberate their minds and to struggle for their dreams .. arab people doesn’t search for a teacher who only knows about their life and struggle from a medium whatever it’s .. we live here and that’s our case not yours and no one has any right to give us a lesson

      if you don’t like how we think and feel then just don’t marry us !

    2. ur words sound too liberal … u r defending a prof who is threating her students !! and actually r u asking me to take an Apartheid state as a model ?? r u kidding me ? then why didn’t Europe take the Nazis as a model !! They were advanced in terms of Sciences and technologies !!! .No doc Apartheid states r not a model 2 recognize or to take as an example…and yes we r going 2 continue our struggle until we win …or die …we have no options left again …History is created by sacrifices not Defeatism

  3. One can live in the real world – or one can live in a fantasy world.

    A geography professor is obliged to teach his or her students about the real world, not about some imaginary world in which the dreams of the students have been fulfilled.

    I personally believe that Tibet should be freed from Chinese control, and I believe that Southern Sudan and Darfur should be freed from the control of the genocidal psychopaths in Khartoum. But a geography teacher needs to teach that Sudan is one country and Tibet is under Chinese control. I’d also like to see a Palestinian state next to Israel. But it doesn’t exist yet.

    Geography teachers need to teach students about the real world; political science teachers can talk about people’s aspirations. Professor Gomaa seems to be a professional with high standards, who wishes her students to be prepared to face, and to live in, the real world.

    In the real world, Egypt exports natural gas to Israel in exchange for hard currency. Does a key export market for Egyptian gas not belong in a survey of energy production and trade in the region?

    In the real world, Israeli Jewish tourists and Israeli Arab tourists spend hard currency in Sinai. Does this reality not belong in a course that discusses regional economies?

    In the real world, Palestinian agricultural produce flows through Israeli ports on its way to Europe, and Jordan and Israel grow food and sell some of it to each other, affecting each other’s markets. Does this fact not belong in a survey of regional agriculture?

    In the real world, Egypt shares a treaty-recognized border with Israel. A number of wars were fought, and a lot of young Egyptian and Israeli men died, in order to establish this border, but there has been peace along the border for more than 30 years. It’s absolutely wonderful that Prof. Gomaa’s students are able to study geography instead of dying horribly in yet another war. Shouldn’t this border be mentioned in a course about regional geography?

    The Egyptian economy benefits from QIZs that were organized under the Camp David agreements with Israel. The QIZs drive certain trade flows between Israel and Egypt. The Egyptian QIZs are working better (in terms of providing jobs for Egyptians) than Jordan’s QIZs. Maybe this belongs in a class that discusses trade.

    Egypt and Israel have a common foe in Iran/Hezbollah, but have disagreements about nuclear weapons and the Palestinians. If Israel does not exist, then how can a student make sense of modern Egyptian history or the security threats faced by Egypt and other Sunni countries today?

    Students who close their eyes and minds to the political, economic and social realities of the region will be blind to trends, surprises, opportunities and problems that may be important to Egyptians in the future. Students who want to make smart decisions in the future (on behalf of Egypt and its people, or simply on their own behalf) should pay a little more attention to the real world and a little less attention to propaganda.

    Your professor Gomaa did the right thing. She was teaching geography, not propaganda. The students who threw tantrums in class because the world doesn’t look the way they want it to look are disruptive idiots. I hope that they failed the class; they certainly deserved to fail it.

    Sorry this came out as a longish rant. I feel strongly that professors should be allowed to teach the truth rather than nonsensical fictions.

    Thanks for allowing comments.

    1. It is not that there is no state of Israel; it is that the students say they do not recognize (i.e. accept) its existence. Palestinian towns and villages, for example, were facts until 1948 when Zionist/ Israeli forces turned most of them into rubble and prevented their inhabitants from returning to their homes. The Zionists saw them as facts and did not recognize them.
      Bravo Helwan students…

    2. It’s very obvious that you know nothing about Egypt or economy or QIZ s or Sinai or History or peace treaties .. and Geography professor has no right to threat students for their point of views .,.. u can’t stand-up for Liberalism in one position and declining it in another position !!
      and Yes I am a Helwan university Student
      and am proud of my colleagues
      thanks for passing by

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