Self talk

-Do you believe in miracles ?

Not really , I think , it ended with the crucifixion of all those saints .

-Do you dream about a world make over ?

At least I can have a make over myself . I no longer believe I can change the world .Why should I give a damn about the world . Dude I want to get myself a life .

– Do you have any plans ?

I am already doubting life itself . WTH  I have no time for planning any thing . Sorry for being aimlessly lost .

– Then you  have no hope ?

Shit , am running out of hope 😥  . I just want to get the hell out of here . I really want to believe in any of those happy ending I was taught , but I can no longer lie to myself . It seems like the pre – visited paths doesn’t take me to the destination any more .

I feel like  I am so out of place , out of time , out of phase …

I need some colors , some paint brushes , I need some magic …things are no longer bearable , the way it is .

I need  a hand to grab me out of the gloomy way .

I just don’t know , where the hell is my starting point .


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