#LOL : Americans identify #Obama as #Muslim

hhhhhh I think an immediate phone call to my US citizen uncle , will answer all the questions  . Since the papers published the results of the latest OBAMATIC polls 😀 , a question keeps reciting in my mind : Do the US fellows eat Koshari in the mornings , Have Betengan as a dinner  , onions as a dessert & Spiritual liquors instead of the daily coffee/tea !!.  It seems like they surveyed , in the memento they were about to get high.

1 of each 5 Americans believe Barack Obama is a Muslim .

Seriously , I feel sympathy towards my American ( Brothers and sisters in humanity ) … I think you should feel sympathy towards the masses brain-washed by manipulating TV channels like : FOX News . Best wishes to  both Americans brain-washed by right-wing main stream media & Muslims suffering from al-Qaeda ‘s ideology . Frankly I see no difference . well there is one apparent difference ;the Fox news presenters/reports wear expensive suits & amazing ties , on the other side The Qaedaists wear those Jalbyahs & Turbans. but both speeches , interviews & Point of  views  smell RACISM , DENIAL & IGNORANCE .

It’s not likely to see a Muslim at the western wall ( Al-Buraq wall surrounding Al-Aqsa) , wearing a Kippah & praying 😀 .

plus , Muslims don’t have preists , more over they  don’t  attend  Sunday church!!.

I can totally understand the  pressure established on  an ordinary American  ( like  any other living creature on this crazy planet) . and  I am aware of the impact of Media on people & It’s strong influence on the masses .

I think Karl Marx was mistaken , when he said :

Religion is the opium of the masses.

It should have been : ” Main stream media is the opium of the masses”.

I am totally aware the Muslims are the Jews & the black of this era . They are demonized . Weaving legends of some Islamic conspiracy to rule the world, is all over the media & the internet . all that burning discussion about ” How evil Islam is ? , How evil Muslims are ..etc” will blow any rational person mind .

The comforting fact for both Bush & Obama lovers is the following :

Obama is Bush & vice versa … It’s all matter of Skin colors .

so don’t worry Obama will take the same stairway , built by Predecessor  towards an US powerful empire on the corpses of his so-called “MUSLIM BROTHERS” . Obama’s forces will stick to the road map of killing more innocent civilians & demolishing more houses in Iraq & Afghanistan . similarly Obama will afford total support & US funds ( US citizens paying taxes to support democracy and enlight the world) to all dictator regimes across the Arab world , Africa , Asia & South America…etc .. otherwise the American empire won’t be established & the Imperialistic dreams won’t come true .

I wish , i was a skillful interpreter to translate the Arabic poem , written by an Iraqi poet .



    1. yeah it is kinda comedy .. but black comedy ( Comedy which makes u cry or tragedy which bring u to tears ) ..it’s about Iraqi diaspra ..it’s a chronicles of refugees & ppl under occupation
      Welcome JoJo

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