Poll: Arabs support Iran’s alleged Nuclear weapon

Brookings latest poll of 2010 Arab Public Opinion , conducted during the period of June 29 – July 20 , 2010 , Results were the Following :

  • 77% of the Arabs support the right of Iran to possess Nuclear weapons.
  • Egyptians are the largest supporters of Iran,97% of them support the right of Iran to possess Nuclear weapon.
  • 62%of the Arabs have a negative view of Obama, compared with 23 % year ago.
  • 54 %of those surveyed said they do not believe a lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians will ever happen – the percentage has basically unchanged since 2008- .

2010 poll surveyed 3,976 people in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Jordan, Lebanon, and the United Arab Emirates, during the period of June 29–July 20, 2010.

Dear Arab lying regimes : Shut the fuck-up , Iran is not an enemy of the Arabs . Iran is a neighbor who we can agree or disagree with it’s policies … Israel is the threat to our existence . Thanks God the Arab citizens ( Especially the Egyptians ) no longer believe in the mainstream ( Pro-dictator regimes ) Propagandists .

Arab's opinion of Iran 2010Arab's opinion of USA 2010



    1. Iran is the Arabs neighbor …and actually Iran is not a threat . Israel is … so the Arabs ” IRANOPHOBIA” is so stupid … concerning terrorism.. point to a state which doesn’t terrorize it’s citizens or it’s neighbors

  1. الأمر غريب بالنسبة إلي 🙂 كنت أتوقع أن يمقت العرب إيران ..و خاصة المصريين يا مصرية 😛
    غـــــــريــــب و الله غـــــريــــب

    1. آه على الصعيد الشخصي كنت أتوقع أن العرب مصابون بداء : الإيرانوفوبيا …لكن ثمة مدونة ( عزيزة جداً على قلبي ) كان رأيها أن الأمر برمته سينكشف إذا ما أعتدى الغرب على إيران .. و لكن بيت القصيد هو : العرب يؤيدون الجميع طالما لن يترتب على تأيديهم أية أفعال أو أية مسؤوليات .

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