Yahoo domain hacked in Arab countries

I tried to log to from my PC , but it was invaild

As published early today on . Yahoo domain is hacked in number of Arab countries .

It seems that is under DNS hijack, at least here in Qatar ,Jordan , Morocco & Saudi Arabia.

Moh’d yousef (JawazSafar) told me that :

yahoo mobile is working fine, yahoo web is crashed.

Sources told the Arab tech blog Teedoz that the hacker is from Saudi Arabia. Yahoo domain remains safe.

Updates as published on Arab Crush blog :

Update1: works in Jordan where the writer of this post lives. One other user confirmed that is hacked in Jordan

Update 2: Users in Morocco and Bahrain told AC that they have the same problem.

Update 3: Egypt too as the comment below.

Update 4: Qatar joins the list, Algeria working fine as user report.

Update 5: Kuwait and UAE joins the list.

Update 6: Syria and Lebanon joins the list


Yahoo mobile works well , and other Yahoo application work properly .


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