Police torture a student in Cairo الشرطة تعذب طالب بالقاهرة

وفقاً لما نشره المدون محمد مرعي … فإن مسلسل تعذيب المواطنين المصريين على يد الشرطة المصرية لا يزال مستمراً و آخر ضحياه هو عبد الرحمن أشرف جابر ، الطالب بمعهد السينما و مخرج الأفلام الوثائقية

التفاصيل كما كتبها مرعي

As Published by Mahalla based blogger Mohammed Maree , a new episode in the Police continuous torture series.

The most recent victim is Abd al-Rahman Ashraf Jaber, a student in the Institute of Cinema and a documentary film director.

حادث تعذيب جديد a new eposide in the "Police torture" series

He was beaten and had his hair pulled out of his head, as well as being insulted with the type of dirty words usually used by the officers of the Egyptian police when dealing with citizens.

While Ashraf was standing with his american friend Brandy at the top of al-Mokattam mountain looking out at Cairo, they were surprised by a police officer named Ahmed Moustafa, who asked Ashraf to show his identification using curses and insults. Ashraf refused these insults and manner of dealing with him, as a citizen has rights which should be respected.

The police officer became mad at Abd al-Rahman’s response, enraged that a citizen would speak to him in this unusually direct way. In response he kicked Ashraf and beat him, causing bruises on his face and eye, breaking his nose and pulling his hair violently from his head hair.

Maree adds :

After that officer Ahmed Moustafa took them (Ashraf and Brandy) to the al-Mokattam police station where he was surpried to find out that Brandy is a US citizen with an American passaport. The situation pushed him to call the chief of the police office who came immediately at 5 o’clock on the morning of the Monday 26/7/2010 trying to solve the proplem before Brandy called the USA Embassy in Cairo. He offered Abd al-Rahman to release him from the police station in exchange for silencing his story, but Abd al-Rahman refused this offer and insisted on filling a report.

After some time, Ashraf’s family headed to the police station and the sheriff tried also to persuade them not to file a report on the incident with a promise to punish the officer who committed these abuses, but the family also rejected this offer and insisted to file a report of the incident.


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