The Church and the President

Another round between the civilian state and the religious state is held in Egypt these day.  The Supreme Administrative Court late last month issued a ruling obliging the pope to allow Coptic divorcees to remarry. The ruling was totally rejected by the Egyptian Orthodox Coptic Church , which does not allow divorce except in a very rare incidents ,when it is proven that the husband or the wife has committed a huge sin like ” adultery” and ” homosexuality” and not allowing the sinner to remarry  . Getting a divorce is hell on Earth for Egyptian Christians -mainly orthodox-, forcing thousand of divorce-seekers Christians to change their church or even their religion on papers , in order to get a divorce.

There is no Civilian marriage in Egypt , and under Egypt’s current personal law marriage and divorce depends on the couple’s religion , But in cases of inter-faith marriages between a Muslim and a non-Muslim , the Islamic law- which allows divorce prevails .

In 2002 the well-known Egyptian actress Hala Sidki divorced her Christian  husband , after years spent in courts according to Khoulo Islamic law, after changing her church . The  Orthodox church back then backed Sidki’s divorce and re-marriage , and now she is a happy mother of two twins from her second husband . unlike her  Sidki’s ex-husband Magdi William could not remarry , he accused the Church of being biased against him , filling for the lawsuit which ended with Supreme court ruling obliging the Church to allow remarriage for the Christian divorcees .

“I am announcing that the church respects the law but it does not accept rules except from the bible,” the pope said in the press conference last Tuesday asking President Mubark to personally involve to resolve the problem.even though the latest ruling followed appealing.

An an official close to the Pontiff said Thursday

Coptic Pope Shenouda III has received promises from a leading official of the ruling National Democratic Party that a presidential decree would soon be issued aimed at resolving the current crisis pertaining to Coptic divorce and remarriage,

The relation between the Presidency and the church is calm in general . According to analysts the church aims to guard the Christian values from the conservative Islamic trends  , that has gained a huge ground among the Egyptian Muslim community .


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