Stand With the Eleven protest Israeli Ambassador at UCI

On February 8th, Micheal Oren spoke at UCI. During his speech Oren was interrupted by 11 protesters who had every right to speak out. Now they are charged with disrupting the peace and being targeted by hostile university administrators. They have a lawyer on their side but the UCI students might face suspension or expulsion. Please help voice support by joining the group.

Contact UCI Chancellor Michael Drake NOW to declare that it is unjust to arrest these students. Supporters of the arrests are contacting administration in large numbers, and your support is needed desperately!

Ask to speak with Chancellor Drake or leave a message at: (949) 824 5011 and email him at:

Ask to speak to the Dean of Students office, who are handling the case at: (949) 824-5181 and email them at:

Here are some important points to bring up:

· It was unjust to arrest students for simply having the courage to stand up and speak out against a man responsible for propagating the deaths of thousands of innocent people.

· Civil disobedience has historically played an instrumental role in the civil rights movement in America that eventually ensured equality and human rights for all minorities.

· Michael Oren is a representative of a state that is condemned by more UN Human Rights Council resolutions than all other countries in the world and he should not be honored at UC Irvine.

· As concerned community members, we will not support an educational institution that threatens to punish its students with suspension and expulsion for standing up for their principles.

PLEASE VISIT for updates

PLEASE JOIN THIS GROUP : Stand with the Eleven

Please sign this petition in solidarity with the Irvine Eleven.



One comment

  1. Stand with 11 self-infatuated idiots who were given a chance to have their say, but denied the other side a chance to have theirs? Pffft.

    Waste of your sympathies.

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