Egypt : NTRA blocks Skype on mobile phones

The “Skype blocking”  rumors are now confirmed .

According to Al-Masry al-youm daily ,Egypt’s National Telecom Regulatory Authority has blocked access to Skype from mobile phones for its usage in commercial purposes.

NTRA head Amr Badawi said Law No. 10 of 2003 prohibits the use of Skype for commercial or personal purposes. He added that the authority will continue to allow access from ADSL home computers until further notice.Badawi pointed to the possibility of prohibiting the use of skype, at homes ( through DSL connections), but it depends on , some studies to be carried out in the future, especially that the use of the program in general violates Law No. 10 of 2003, and then it will be permitted on a limited scale.

According to Skype Ltd., there are 3.9 million Egyptians living outside Egypt who use the software application to communicate with their families at home.

Egypt’s three cellphone companies (Mobinil, Vodafone and Etisalat) have all enforced the NTRA resolution.



  1. We are ex pats living in Sharm el Sheikh and Skype is our lifeline for contacting our families in England .It would be a disaster to lose Skype as we cannot afford normal mobile phone charges ,and ever increasing air fares.

    1. well so far it’s just blocked on mobile phones … i hope they won’t block it on the DSL connections …there r millions either in Egypt or abroad who use Skype to contact with their loved ones

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