Mubark is alive and Kicking !!

The  Arabic blogging-sphere has been on fire on the past few days . Rumors that Egyptian President Mubark passed away during his surgery or surgeries in Germany, were spreading on twitter and many Arabic forums, after reports that Russian television ran a story saying the Egyptian president was dead.The rumors were so strong that the Egyptian stock market dropped by over 6 percent in the past three days amid concerns about the president’s health, especially since the question of succession in Egypt is still unclear , as Mubark doesn’t have a vice president and there is  no constitutional  means of democratic authority succession .

The  rumors were denied later on by the Egyptian embassy in Germany .

This morning the Egyptian Presidency released a photo of Mubark in Heidelberg hospital with his doctor .the fact that the 81-year-old Mubarak Public disappearance  since the surgery was fueling his death rumors.

صاحي و بيلعب


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