Will Egypt block skype ??!!

According to the Egyptian blogger Zeinobia . There is un-accurate news that Egypt will block skype .

In the past few days users has reported problems in logging  in to Skype through their Vodafone 3G stick modems.

Vodafone’s customer service indicated that Telecom Egypt is going to block Skype in Egypt, and that it’s out of their hands. After repeated calls from various people to Vodafone’s customer service, they were told “Skype is being blocked since 13th March based on an order from Telecom Egypt.”

It won’t be surprising to find out that Egypt will block Skype, because you don’t expect that much from a categorized Internet enemy state

It worth saying that Syria recently blocked  facebook, citing fears that young people might make Friends with Israelis (That was the official claim and the fact is Syria  has one of the toughest censorship policies and bloggers are persecuted and jailed there.



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