1000 day of siege

Gaza siege

Designed by : Mohammed Yousef ( @Jawazsafar)

On 9th of March 2010 , It was Gaza’s anniversary…

it’s not a joyful anniversary for a wedding or an engagement.

It’s Gaza’s  own anniversary of

Injustice and tyranny
10000 days=3 years
1 million , 600 thousand human beings blockaded
No mercy on the world !!
Let’s break the siege
Let’s break the silence


  1. big difference between who built the high dam in Aswan and that who built the low dam between us and Gaza struggle rs .
    very amazing to hear the tycoons of elhezb alwatany appearing to the media and talking nonsense about this act.
    Sadaq Allah Alazeem.

    1. The true Shame is Al-azhar’s official attitude from the wall of shame !! ..The late Azhar Shiekh had this fatwa that it is ” halal” and it’s for the safety of Egypt !! he didn’t give a damn attention to the besieged people , starved and imprisoned for their democratic choice !! We r used for the NDP shameful ,anti-humans attitudes ..that’s normal and expected

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