US losing war in Afghanistan ( 8 US troops killed)

8 US troops serving under ISAF command have been killed in eastern Afghanistan in ” complex” attacks after a tribal militia attacked two combat outposts in a remote area near the Pakistan border . Two Afghan soldiers were also killed in the battle, which took place in a remote area from which U.S. forces had already announced plans to withdraw as a part of a strategy to focus his forces on population centers. The attacks were launched by militia in Nuristan province from a local mosque and a nearby village on two joint NATO and Afghan outposts. The increasing fatalities have emphasized the current year as the deadliest for the foreign forces. As of Saturday, Oct. 3, 2009, at least 774 members of the US military have died in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan as a result of the US invasion of Afghanistan, according to the US Defense Department.In all, 386 foreign soldiers, including an estimated 228 Americans, have reportedly been killed this year.


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